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Welsh North American Association International Headquarters
Dr. Megan Williams, Executive Secretary P.O. Box 1054, Trumansburg, NY, 14886 
Phone: (607) 279-7402
Fax: (877) 448-6633 Email: IHQ@theWNAA.org

WNAA Mission
The Welsh North American Association strives to preserve, develop and promote our Welsh cultural heritage and traditions, including the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu, and to do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these goals.

The WNAA and the NAFOW are run and coordinated by dedicated volunteers who donate their time and travel expenses. Aside from the WNAA International Headquarters office staff, WNAA board members and NAFOW volunteers are not monetarily compensated.
WNAA is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. 

New name, same great organization, Welsh North American Association - WNAA.  At the September 3, 2011, Annual General Meeting of The Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association, in Cleveland, Ohio, 82 years after the first gathering was held in 1929 in Niagara Falls NY,  members voted to change the name to better reflect the organization as it has become today.

For more than eighty years our premier North American-Welsh organization has safeguarded and nourished the best of the famed singing traditions of Wales. Our mission is to "to preserve, develop and promote our Welsh cultural heritage including, but not limited to, the Gymanfa Ganu, literature, cultural traditions, and to do all such things necessary and proper to accomplish and enhance the same."

If you are not currently a member of the Welsh North American Association, this is a good time to join.  If you already enjoy the benefits of membership, consider upgrading to a Life Membership or sending a gift membership to a family member or friend. 

JOIN WNAA online  or Print membership & Publication Pamphlet.

Membership is made available to any person of Welsh lineage, or any person or organization in full sympathy with the stated purposes of the WNAA.  Any questions contact  membership@theWNAA.org

Membership in WNAA as an Individual or as an Affiliated Welsh Organization (AWO) has many advantages. Both types of membership receive the WNAA newsletter Hwyl four times a year, receive all mailings, email updates (if an email is provided) and registration materials for the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW). This helps to support WNAAs mission to preserve Welsh Heritage in North America and helps WNAA continue to sponsor the NAFOW you know and love.
Individual Annual Membership:  
$15 per year, for 
ages under 21 or over 64
$25 per year, for ages 21 to 64 
Individual Life Membership:
$500 for age 64 or under        
$300 for age 65 or over
  •  Save on registration fees and other costs of the NAFOW
  • Are eligible after one year to serve on the WNAA Board of Trustees
  • Are eligible any time to be a volunteer and to help plan and run a NAFOW
  • Are entitled to vote at WNAAs Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Affiliated Welsh Organization Life Membership - $50.00   
  • Receive NAFOW publicity materials to share with members and local public.
  •  Are eligible any time to volunteer to bring a NAFOW to their locale, help organize it.
  • Can join other AWO leaders in discussion to share program ideas and problem solving strategies.
  • Can have their AWO listed on the WNAA website so new members can find them.
  • Can have their representatives attend the AWO meeting at every NAFOW to meet and network with leaders from other organizations.
  •  Are entitled to send a representative to the AGM to vote on their behalf
  • May nominate eligible local society members to serve on the WNAA Board
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