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2017 - 18 Officers of the WNAA        
WNAA Executive
Executive Secretary,  Dr. Megan Williams, Trumansburg, NY  - IHQ@theWNAA.org
President, William L. Fanning, Orange, CA - president@theWNAA.org
Vice President,  David Matthews, Calgary, AB
Treasurer, Dr. David R. Allen, Owego, NY - treasurer@theWNAA.org
Secretary,  Jeanne Jones Jindra,  Rio Grande, OH
Systems Coordinator, Gerri Baker Parry, Seattle, WA
Immediate Past President, Ian Samways, Pittsburgh, PA  - past-pres@theWNAA.org
At Large, Kay A. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

WNAA Board of Trustees

Gwen Griffin Carter, Spring Hill, FL
Huw Christopher,  Tustin, CA
Myfanwy Davies, Ottawa, ON
Robert Dayton, Sarver, PA
Katherine Wilkins De Francis, DC
Gwen Dodson,  London, ON
Richard P. Donohoe, Charleston, SC
Edward Morus Jones, Wales UK
Beth Landmesser, Bear Creek, PA
Dr. Evans Paschal, Anderson Island, WA
Danny Proud, Madison, WI
Dilys Rana, Wilmette, IL
Dale Richards, Verona, PA
Elaine Westlake, Calgary, AB
KarenWojahn, Windom, MN
WNAA Board Assistants:
Joan Owen Mandry, Lisbon, OH

WNAA Ex-Officio Vice Presidents,

Representing Women's Welsh Clubs of America,  David Williams
Representing National Welsh-American Foundation, Stacy Evans, Granville, OH
Representing Undeb Cymru A'r Byd, Rhys Meirion, Wales

WNGGA/WNAA Past Presidents
1929-31 William E. Lewis, Youngstown, OH
1931-32 James Atwood, Youngstown, OH
1932-33 George D. Rees, Chicago, IL
1933-34 Edwin Blythin, Cleveland, OH
1934-35 Edward B. Williams, Youngstown, OH
1935-37 John Evans, Chicago, IL
1937-38 George Hopkins, Canton, OH
1938-41 Caradoc Ellis, Johnstown, PA
1941-49 Henry T. Jones, New Castle, PA
1949-53 Allen Thomas, Ferndale, MI
1953-55 Henry T. Jones, New Castle, PA
1955-57 M. D. Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT
1957-60 John G. Roberts, Cleveland, OH
1960-62 Douglas C. Jones, Toronto, ON
1962-64 H. L. Roberts, Pelham Manor, NY
1964-66 Angharad Lloyd Roberts, Vancouver, BC
1966-68 John G. Roberts, Cleveland, OH
1968-70 Lewis Edwards, Niagara Falls, ON
1970-72 Emlyn Lloyd, Detroit, MI
1972-74 Owen C. Roberts, Montreal, PQ
1974-76 Gwynn J. Parri, Milwaukee, WI
1976-78 Eluned M. Thomas, Toronto, ON
1978-80 David L. Mandry, Ravenswood, WV
1980-82 J. Humphreys Jones,Toronto, ON
1982-84 Norman E. Williams, Utica, NY
1984-86 Gwenfyl E. Jones, Vancouver, BC
1986-88 David E. Thomas, Edina, MN
1988-90 Paul E. Stevens, Poland, OH
1990-92 Don Mills, Kanata, ON
1992-94 Dr. Ellis J. Jones, St. Peter, MN
1994-96 William John Lewis MD, Kettering, OH
1996-98 Rev. Dr. R. Cerwyn Davies, Scarborough, ON
1998-00 Col. Alfred J. Reese, Jr., Lehighton, PA
2000-02 Dr. Alan Upshall, Kenmore, WA
2002-04 Lynn Owens-Whalen, Vancouver, BC
2004-06 Rev. Richard P. Baskwill, Lutherville, MD
2006-08 Roy Morris, Kanata, ON
2008-09 Rev. Robert Hughes, Akron, OH
2009-11 Dr. AdaMae Lewis, Ames, IA
2011-13 Hywel Davies, Bethesda, MD
2013-15 Barbara Leedy, Grand Rapids, MI
2015-17 Ian Samways, Pittsburgh, PA

Past Venues of the National Gymanfa Ganu & the North American Festival of Wales
1929 Niagara Falls, NY
1930 Niagara Falls, NY
1931 Niagara Falls, NY
1932 Niagara Falls, NY
1933 Chicago IL
1934 Cleveland, OH
1935 Youngstown, OH
1936 Atlantic City, NJ ~ Evan Prosser
1937 Johnstown, PA ~ Ewart L. Roberts
1938 Pittsburgh, PA ~ R. H. Davies
1939 Buffalo, NY ~ Lot H. Cooke
1940 Detroit, MI ~ Allen Thomas
1941 New Castle, PA ~ Henry T. Jones
1942 Utica, NY ~ Hobart L. Morris
1943-45 The Gymanfa Ganu was suspended during World War II years.
1946 Akron, OH ~ Ernest Harris
1947 Akron, OH ~ Ernest Harris
1948 Detroit, MI ~ Allen Thomas
1949 Salt Lake City, UT ~ John James & Dr. M. D. Thomas
1950 Canton, OH ~ Mrs. David F. Evans-Edward J. Hopkins
1951 Milwaukee, WI ~ John R. Jones
1952 Columbus, OH ~ E. I. Evans
1953 Rochester, NY ~ Lynn C. Watkins
1954 Philadelphia, PA ~ Thomas E. Rees
1955 Salt Lake City, UT ~ George C. Lloyd
1956 Cleveland, OH ~ John G. Roberts
1957 Washington, DC ~ Mrs. Sarah Ann Davies
1958 Milwaukee, WI ~ John Pritchard
1959 Toronto, ON ~ Douglas C. Jones
1960 San Francisco, CA ~ Dr. M. D. Thomas
1961 Chicago, IL ~ Mrs. Florence E. Williams
1962 Utica, NY ~ Richard Hughes
1963 Detroit, MI ~ Walter T. Perrott
1964 Philadelphia, PA ~ John Ellis Rosser
1965 Pittsburgh, PA ~ George K. Richards
1966 Los Angeles, CA ~ Dr. M. D. Thomas
1967 Toronto, ON ~ Ivor Davies
1968 Buffalo, NY ~ Mair Monkhouse
1969 Cleveland, OH ~ John G. Roberts
1970 Milwaukee, WI ~ Gwynn Parri
1971 Salt Lake City, UT ~ Dr.M. D. Thomas
1972 Chicago, IL ~ Mrs. Robert J. Williams
1973 Toronto, ON ~ W. F. Blanch
1974 Cleveland, OH ~ John G. Roberts
1975 New York, NY ~ Wilfred O. Greenway
1976 Philadelphia, PA ~ Elisabeth Griffith
1977 Ottawa, ON ~ Don Mills & Tal Griffiths
1978 Minneapolis, MN ~ David E. Thomas
1979 Niagara Falls, NY* ~ Gwyneth Crysler & Lewis Edwards
1980 Vancouver, BC ~ Gwenfyl E. Jones
1981 Utica, NY ~ Robert A. Jones
1982 Toronto, ON ~ Eluned Thomas
1983 Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ Jack A. Pritchard
1984 Portland, OR ~ Emmaline Davies & Betty Pierce**
1985 Montreal, PQ ~ Terrence Pearce
1986 Columbus, OH ~ Tom Brownfield
1987 St. Paul, MN ~ Mae Howells Anderson
1988 Baltimore, MD ~ Barbara A. Morgan
1989 Pittsburgh, PA ~ David R. Lewis & John C.Williams
1990 Victoria, BC ~ Yvonne Griffiths-Evans
1991 Cincinnati, OH~ David Taliesin Richards& Dr. Wm. John Lewis
1992 Kansas City, MO ~ Jack A. Nesbitt & Ann McFerrin
1993 Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ Jack A. Pritchard & Beth Landmesser
1994 Bellevue, WA ~ Alan Upshall
1995 Harrisburg, PA ~ Glenn Grove & Pat St.Clair
1996 Utica, NY Rev. ~ Stephen L. Reese & Patricia C. Driver
1997 Milwaukee, WI ~ David T. Williams & Arline H. Barsamian
1998 Columbus, OH ~ Mary Ellen Morgan & Marietta Riggs Schumann
1999 Minneapolis, MN ~ Dr. Ellis J. Jones & Mary Morris Mergenthal
2000 Ottawa, ON ~ Ian Morris
2001 San Jose, CA ~ Howard Thomas
2002 Harrisburg, PA ~ Glenn Grove & Cheryl Mitchell
2003 Richmond, BC*** ~ Alan Upshall & Lynn Owens-Whalen
2004 Buffalo, NY**** ~ Myfanwy Davies
2005 Orlando, FL ~ Jan Briggs & Trudy Howells
2006 Cincinnati, OH ~ Ian Morris
2007 Washington, DC ~ Hywel Davies
2008 Chicago, IL ~ Barbara Jones
2009 Pittsburgh, PA ~ Ian Morris
2010 Portland, OR ~ Janet Figini and Betty Pierce
2011 Cleveland, OH***** ~ Barbara Jones
2012 Scranton, PA ~ Beth Landmesser
2013 Toronto, ON ~ Betty Cullingworth
2014 Minneapolis, MN  ~Mary Morris Mergenthal & Kay Gavin
2015 Columbus Ohio ~  Laura Jenkins Gorun
2016 Calgary, AB ~ David Matthews & Elaine Westlake
2017 Rochester, NY ~ David & Janet Allen

*50th Anniversary Jubilee Gymanfa Ganu

**The first all female team to chair a National venue committee
***1st Annual North American Festival of Wales
****75th Anniversary Nelson L. Llewellyn Gymanfa Ganu
*****Organization name changed to the Welsh North American Association

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